Research From a Distance

Do you live off-campus? Are you only taking online classes? You can still get involved in research!

These are just a few examples of different types of research you could conduct from a distance:

  • Critically analyze and interpret texts

  • Conduct a literature review

  • Design video games

  • Conduct species counts

  • Analyze computer-based data

  • Conduct interviews

  • Design computer models and programs

Here are a few steps you can take to get started:

– Think about topics you are interested in and questions you
   might have about these topics.

          (e.g. I am interested in whales. I wonder why certain
          species of whales are declining while others are growing.)

 Research online to learn more about these topics to refine
   your questions or to develop more questions!

– Identify which OSU departments might have faculty
   exploring issues that are of interest to you.

          (e.g. there may be faculty in Biology or Fisheries and
          Wildlife that do research on whales.)

          SIDE NOTE: Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have
          to collaborate with faculty at OSU. You can also: 1) look
          for a mentor at a local institution or 2) check out
          programs like REUs that you may be eligible for.

– Do a Google search for specific OSU departments that might
   have potential faculty mentors.

          For example, this page was found by Google searching
          “OSU, faculty, biology”.

– Read through faculty profiles to see if there is anyone who is
   working on projects that sound interesting to you.

– Once you find a faculty member whose work looks
   interesting, send them an email!

          We offer help putting this first email together during our
          offered advising hours. Make sure to include days and
          times you are free for an online meeting (e.g. Skype)
          or phone call – this will reduce the number of emails
          sent to the faculty mentor.

– Make sure you communicate in your email that you are
   interested in conducting research or creative work from a

          Many faculty are open to working with students remotely!

– Have a phone or virtual meeting with faculty.
          Make sure you review their research once again before
          this meeting. Be yourself when you talk with them and
          share your passion and enthusiasm to do research.
          Remember, it is okay to ask questions.

   Good luck!