Here are a few steps you can take to get started

  • For example, maybe you are interested in whales and are wondering whether humpback whales that feed together using the bubble net feeding technique are genetically related to each other or not.

  • If you are a distance student, consider the types of projects that can be completed remotely. For example, you could critically analyze and interpret texts, conduct a literature review, design video games, conduct species counts, analyze computer-based data, conduct phone interviews, or design computer models and programs. There are many options for remote research!

  • Make a list of topics that you find interesting and the questions you develop. You will want to remember these when you meet with a faculty mentor!
  • Identify which OSU departments might have faculty exploring topics that are of interest to you (e.g. there may be faculty in Biology or Fisheries and Wildlife that do research on whales). Each OSU department has its own faculty directory, like this one. You can click on each faculty member to find out more about their research. Use Google to find specific faculty lists. For example, this page was found by Google searching “OSU, faculty, biology”.
  • Brainstorm key words and phrases to search on the internet. For example, Google “Oregon State University” + "research" + “key word/phrase” and click on a few of the links that appear. Read through the links to see which faculty members are mentioned. If someone sounds interesting, do another Google search for that specific faculty member to read more about their work.
  • Click here for more information about research programs within each of OSU's academic colleges.
  • Talk with other students about their personal experiences getting involved in research! They might know which faculty are doing research that you're interested in. 
  • Visit us at drop-in advising hours! We can help you identify faculty members of interest.