Program Components

  • Faculty who would like to mentor an URSA Engage student(s) will express their interest by submitting the Faculty Mentor Summary Form which will include information about the mentor’s research focus, examples of potential projects, a mentoring plan, and contact information.
  • Faculty Mentor summaries will be posted on the URSA webpage for students to see. Once summaries are posted, students will begin to reach out to you using the contact information you provide. Students may also reach out to faculty mentors at our optional informational/networking workshops, which you will be invited to attend.
  • The next step is for you to decide how many and which students you will allow to apply to the URSA Engage Program under your mentorship.
  • We do not have a limit on how many students a faculty mentor can allow to apply to the URSA Engage Program. However, because we have no way of knowing how many of your students will be accepted into the program, we strongly recommend that you do not let more students apply than you think you can effectively mentor. Faculty mentors of URSA Engage awardees will need to commit to meeting with URSA Engage Awardees at least once a week, or 2-3 times a quarter if a graduate student or postdoc is available to meet with the mentee at least once a week. This program is designed for early-career undergraduates and quality mentoring is our highest priority.
  • After all applications have been submitted, we score students solely on their responses to questions on the student application. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the number of students you will end up mentoring. For example, if you allow three students to apply and their three applications receive very high scores, you may receive three students. However, if you allow two students to apply and their applications receive low scores, you may not receive any students. This will also depend on how many applications we receive and how many we are able to fund.
  • Students can only submit one application. If you do not have room for student, or think the student’s interests do not align with your own, let them know ASAP so they can find another URSA Engage mentor to apply with.
  • This program is intended to fund NEW student-faculty partnerships, not those that have already been in place. In order to be eligible, students must apply to work with mentors they have not worked with in the past.
  • Graduate students and post-doctoral scholars are not eligible to serve as the primary mentor submitting the application but may mentor URSA Engage Awardees along with the primary faculty mentor.
  • Mentors need to have approvals in place prior to commencement of URSA Engage projects for activities requiring compliance oversight (e.g. IRB, IACUC). Mentors should allow sufficient time for the review and approval process.
  • For each student who is selected to join the program, the faculty mentor will have $250 transferred into their index for project-related costs, unless they decide to forego these funds to allow additional students into the program.

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