About URSA Engage 2019-2020

URSA Engage is designed to establish mentoring relationships between faculty and undergraduates early in their academic programs at OSU. The goal is to provide first and second year students, and transfer students in their first year at OSU, opportunities to pursue research or a creative activity under the guidance of an OSU mentor. Students who are selected will receive an award of $750 and their faculty mentors will receive $250 for project-related costs. The program is available to undergraduates and mentors at all OSU campuses and across all academic disciplines. We encourage projects that integrate interdisciplinary work. OSU is committed to research, outreach and teaching that serves our communities state-wide, nation-wide and globally. We strongly encourage the submission of projects that promote opportunities for community involvement and community-engaged learning.

Program Timeline

Important Steps with Links (see timeline for dates):

  • Step 1: Faculty Submit a Mentor Summary Form (closed)
  • Step 2: Students Review Faculty Mentor Summaries - NOTE: Remember to look through the entire document instead of only looking at faculty within your college! Many faculty are proposing projects that are relevant to students from many different majors/colleges! You can always do a file -> search for key words that interest you!
  • Step 3: Students RSVP for optional Informational/Networking Workshops here
  • Step 4: Students email and meet with faculty of interest to discuss projects and mentorship
  • Step 5: Students fill out Student Application & attach Mentor Approval Form.**Please note that mentors can help students formulate ideas but the application need to be written in the student's own words. Students will be assessed on their ability to articulate the professional and personal impacts of the project, their grasp of their role in the project and what needs to be accomplished, their ability to articulate an experience dealing with adversity, and the overall quality of their application.


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