All OSU study abroad participants are required to carry international accident and sickness insurance for the entire duration abroad. Students on OSU sponsored programs will be insured in a supplemental medical insurance program administered by Gallagher Student Insurance Services. All students participating in OSU-sponsored study abroad programs will be enrolled for this insurance*, and it is intended to supplement either students' personal insurance policies or the national health care program in the host country. You will be enrolled for insurance coverage by OSU Global Opportunities for the duration of your program abroad. The enrollment information you receive via email before your departure from Gallagher will include a letter of enrollment and identification card. Be sure to print out your card and take it with you abroad.  


Under the deluxe plan while on a Study Abroad program, coverage includes:

  • $250,000 coverage per medical injury/accident/illness
  • $0 Deductible (all costs are paid up front; students submit claims for reimbursement)
  • Impatient and Outpatient Hospital Expenses
  • Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption
  • 24-hour Worldwide Assistance Services, including Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains, also including travel advice and assistance
  • Security Evacuation

Contact Information

For questions regarding 24 hour emergency assistance services, contact Gallagher Global Assistance at:

1.866.693.6873 (Toll-Free)
1.312.935.9242 (Within the United States)

  • Gallagher Global Assistance includes pre-trip informational assistance, emergency medical evacuation, prescription assistance, and repatriation of remains. Read the complete brochure for details. Note: Gallagher Global Assistance should be contacted first to assist you in finding appropriate medical care. 

Please refer to the Plan Brochure for complete details on coverage, exclusions and limitations.

For questions regarding coverage or other details, please contact Gallagher customer service.


Make sure to read the insurance brochure for exclusions and details on pre-existing conditions, etc.


The cost for the deluxe plan is $2.00/day*. Students will be charged for the total number of days abroad, based on official start and end dates of each program. Insurance enrollment will be extended to a week before and a week after the official dates of their program to cover travel time to and from the study site.  * Price per day is subject to change based on renewed contracts between Gallagher and the Oregon State University.


The cost of insurance will either be billed to your student account at the start of each term and is due at that time or it is already built into your program costs. Please check with your program administrator regarding billing for your program. Students abroad for more than one term will be charged at the start of each subsequent term for the cost of that term's insurance.


Minor medical claims must be paid up front to the healthcare provider at the time services are rendered and submitted to the insurance carrier for reimbursement.  For information about how to make a claim visit the claim information page on the Gallagher website. Emergency services are provided by Gallagher Global Assistance, and must be arranged through that organization in order for the costs to be covered by the plan. Information about how to arrange for emergency services is provided directly to students in the enrollment letter from Gallagher.

Additional Coverage

If you would like to extend your coverage dates you can purchase a comparable plan administered by Gallagher. You may purchase the Gallagher leisure travel extension plan and dependent coverage by clicking here. It is your responsiblility to arrange the additional coverage, should you choose to stay overseas beyond the program dates.


If a student withdraws from their study abroad program prior to the effective date of coverage 100% of the cost of the insurance will be refunded. If a student leaves their designated site abroad prior to the end of their program, the unused portion of the insurance coverage will NOT be refunded.

*Students participating on programs sponsored by outside agencies that provide sufficient study abroad insurance, such as  API, CIEE, GEO, IE3 Global, IFSA-Butler, Semester At Sea, and SIT will NOT be enrolled for this insurance.

*Students participating in the SFS or SEA Semester programs will be required to purchase the OSU international accident and sickness insurance.