Restoration projects, literacy campaigns and teaching are just a few examples of the many different volunteer programs abroad. Some programs charge a fee and provide services such as insurance coverage, meals and even housing. Some provide free room and board in exchange for your work, and others even pay a small stipend. Volunteer work opportunities may range from a few weeks to two or three years in duration. If you're interested in development work, want to meet other foreigners and host nationals, and don't mind rudimentary living conditions, you may want to consider this type of program.

Volunteer Abroad Resources:

Experiential Learning International (ELI) ELI provides different options for volunteering, interning and studying abroad.

Volunteer Abroad Includes a search tool which allows you to choose the country or region, type of volunteer work and duration of stay.

Idealist Resources for working or volunteering for a non-profit organization in the US or abroad.

Cross Cultural Solutions Organizes short and long term volunteer or internship opportunities abroad.

Peace Corps Sending Americans off on worldwide volunteer projects since 1961. "The toughest job you'll ever love."

Institute for International Cooperation and Development - Trains and sends volunteers abroad for development and aid work in Africa and Latin America.

Volunteers for Peace Vermont-based organization offers inexpensive short-term voluntary service programs in over 80 countries.

World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms This exchange organization gives you room and board in return for your help in working and managing an organic farm or smallholding. Membership is inexpensive, and programs are available worldwide.

Earthwatch Institute Supports scientific field research by offering volunteers the opportunity to join research teams around the world. Focus on science and its role in environmental sustainability.

Global Volunteers Private nonprofit, non-sectarian development organization, was founded in 1984 with the goal of helping to establish a foundation for peace through mutual international understanding.

WorldTeach WorldTeach provides opportunities for volunteers to teach in developing countries, making a meaningful contribution to schools and communities that are in great need of teachers.

World Volunteer Web Supports the volunteer community by serving as a global clearinghouse for information and resources linked to volunteerism that can be used for campaigning, advocacy and networking.

Volunteer International Volunteer opportunities in diverse industries.

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