Welcome back to the United States! We hope you had a wonderful experience studying and living in another country. How is it to be back?

Are you finding that coming home is more difficult than you anticipated or have you made the transition back with ease?

Many students find that while it's great to be reunited with loved ones and hanging out in all the old comfortable places, they're still feeling a little off-center and/or out of place. It could be that you're finding your friends and family can't relate to your experience abroad, or perhaps it's difficult to be back in a U.S. classroom. No doubt your campus may seem a tad boring after the excitement and novelty of Athens, Quito or Sydney. These feelings are quite normal. Re-entering your home culture can be just as difficult as adjusting to your host culture when you went abroad; and for some students it may be even more challenging.

Even if you aren't feeling the malaise of re-entry, you still may be trying to figure out how you can incorporate everything you've learned abroad into your life here. Below are some helpful tips and sage advice to get you back in the groove!