Once your program proposal has been reviewed and endorsed by OSU GO, we will add your Program Description to OSU GO's Education Abroad Portfolio, enabling students to search for your program by country, academic emphasis, term (time of year), and even language. All active program offerings will have an APPLY NOW button that students will use to initiate their OSU GO application.


Preferably, at least 9-12 months before your program start date, begin to actively promote your program by holding information sessions with target audiences, and distributing digital and/or print flyers to colleagues (i.e. instructors and academic advisors) and students.  Target audiences can include pre-requisite course classes, student clubs and organizations, relevant majors/minors/concentrations, listservs, and college/departmental e-newsletters, among others.

OSU GO's faculty-led programs promotional activities include: 

  • A dedicated OSU Faculty-led Program Offerings website
  • A campus-wide student interest survey with a list of student leads
  • the Global Opportunities Fair, among other general outreach throughout the year

Application Review:

  • Review student applications via OSU GO’s online application management system, sometimes referred to as Terra Dotta. 

As you review your student applications, please keep these important steps in mind.

  1. Identify “Completed” applications to begin your review of gpa, essays, recommendations, transcripts, etc., if applicable.
  2. Select one of three radial buttons at the bottom of each student's application
  3. Be sure to check the box next to “Mark as Completed” to verify that you have completed your review.
  4. Finally, click the “Submit” button
    Please note that your students will not be notified of your decision instantly.  Instead, OSU GO must ensure that all students have been cleared of any student conduct concerns.  At that time, OSU GO will officially update the statuses of students.  This process can take 7-10 days or more depending on when the student conduct clearance is confirmed.  In the interim, student applications will remain as “Pending” or "In Process".   

Confirming Your Program Participants:

Once your students are officially "Accepted" by OSU GO (beginning in February for most Summer or Pre-Fall programs), they will be invited to either "Commit" or "Decline".  In addition, we will encourage your students to review and digitally sign two critical documents early in the process. The two documents are:

  • the Participant Financial Responsibilities contract and
  • the Participant Cost Sheet

By doing so, this will help assure the Program Leaders and OSU GO that there are enough student participants in order for the program to be viable.

Final Roster

The final roster of students along with important information such as scanned passport ids, flight itineraries, etc. can be easily compiled from this system.