IE3 Global, a unit within OSU's Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO), provides students with study and internship opportunities through a network of university partners worldwide.  IE3 Global can help OSU faculty connect with partner institutions in the following ways:

Collaborate with Colleagues at OSU's IE3 Global Partner Institutions

Faculty seeking to make connections with partner institutions can consult with OSU's IE3 Global staff about how best to connect with colleagues in their academic area at an OSU IE3 Global partner institution.  Opportunities for a faculty-led program where local faculty could co-teach, provide guest lectures or assist in the planning of group excursions may be possible.  Often partner institutions see assisting an Oregon faculty member with planning of a faculty-led program as an avenue to explore departmental faculty and/or research connections.  Partner institutions can sometimes offer classroom space and/or assist with on-site housing for a faculty-led group depending on the timing of the program and the institutions own academic schedule.

Consult with On-site Staff

OSU's IE3 Global employs on-site staff in Germany (Tübingen), France (Lyon & Poitiers), Japan (Tokyo), Ecuador (Quito) and Spain (Santander).  These individuals are intimately familiar not only with the partner campuses with whom they work but the city and region where the program is located.  As such, they can play a consulting role for faculty exploring program options and should a program be based in one of the cities or regions for which they are responsible, can provide logistical support, expertise and assistance such as making reservations for accommodations, transportation, excursions, etc. At other of their partner sites, IE3 Global works closely with local university staff who would also be available to assist with planning, making arrangements, consultations, and contributing regional and local knowledge.

OSU IE3 Global's Professional Internship/ Partner Organization Network

Utilize OSU's IE3 Global network of partner organizations who support credit-bearing internship opportunities for OSU students in a variety of professional disciplines.    Working in dozens of countries, OSU's IE3 Global can support visits by groups interested in learning about the work being done in an assortment of subjects.  Expert speakers, field trips and experiential learning opportunities may also be developed to supplement and expand faculty led programming. 

Please contact us to explore the many options that OSU IE3 Global partnerships provide.

Laura Hampton, Director IE3 Global Programs in France, Germany, Australia, England, Ireland and Denmark

Jennifer Jewett, Director IE3 Global Programs in Latin America and OSU GO Faculty Led Program Coordinator