The term (or 3-5 months) prior to the start of a faculty-led program represents an important transition from the Recruitment Phase to the Pre-Departure Phase

  1. OSU Faculty-led Pre-Departure Orientation Guide (.pdf)
    Whether you plan to hold several pre-departure meetings or teach a pre-departure course, we invite you to refer to this Guide as you develop your Pre-Departure Orientation content.
  2. We also ask that you invite one of us from the OSU GO Faculty-led Program Team to attend one of your In-person Pre-Departure Orientation meetings where we will provide a brief presentation along with time for questions. Please send us your preferred date, time and location and one of us will plan to join you with flashdrive in hand and a set of OSU GO Emergency Contact cards.
  3. Lastly, we invite you to participate in a collaborative

    Faculty-led Program Leaders Pre-Departure Workshop:
    Managing Situations While Abroad


  4. Together with the Office of Risk Management, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), Disability Access Services (DAS), Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, Student Life, and Student Health Services (SHS), we will examine several case studies and explore problem solving strategies when leading a group of students in distant settings.   

Overview of Program Leader Action Items during the Pre-Departure Phase:

  • Encourage your students to obtain their passports, if they have not done so already (if applicable)
  • Facilitate the visa application process, if necessary (w/ assistance from OSU GO, if needed)
  • Build a Canvas-based site (if desired)
  • Confirm dates/times/locations of your pre-departure meetings or schedule your pre-departure course
  • Finalize logistics for program
  • Book airfare, accommodations, etc. (if applicable)
  • Consult with OSU's Occupational Health Services and encourage your students to schedule a consultation with OSU's Travel Clinic through Student Health Services
  • Verify that participants have all necessary travel documentation (pay special attention to international students)
  • Consult with your Department’s Business Manager on policies/procedures for managing on-site/in-country program costs/advances/reimbursements (if applicable)
  • Communicate all program details with students, including contingency plans; distribute Emergency Contact Information cards from OSU GO.
  • Using your ONID, complete the International Travel Registration and on Q11, answer "Yes" to "Are you a leader of a faculty-led program administered by the OSU GO office?"
  • Re-confirm the arrival plans with your providers, colleagues and students.

Overview of OSU GO Action Items during the Pre-Departure Phase:

  • OSU GO will confirm your final roster of participants once students have digitally signed the following:
  • OSU Faculty-led: Participant Financial Responsibilities contract and accompanying Cost Sheet
  • OSU GO will liaise with Business Affairs to apply a deposit to students' accounts (2-3 months pre-departure) and remaining Participant Fee (month program begins).
  • OSU GO will schedule your program's course(s) on behalf of the academic unit and provide Student Participants with the appropriate CRN(s).

  • OSU GO will confirm that all participant have successfully completed the following pre-departure items:
  • OSU GO's Online Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Pre-Departure content regarding: Academic Policies; Acknowledgement of Health; Assumption of Risk; International Accident & Sickness Insurance; OSU Education Abroad Participant Conduct and Behavioral Contract; Release of Information Permission (FERPA) (optional); Safety and Security; Health Disclosure Form; Health and Medical Preparations; Copy of Flight Itinerary; Copy of Passport; Emergency Contact Information
  • OSU GO will enroll your students in OSU's Accident and Sickness Insurance Policy and bill students $2 per day for this coverage; a summary and ID card will be sent to all participants approximately one month prior to their departure date.