Working with Students Going Abroad

Program Coordinators will...
*Keep current exchange agreements with the international institution. Use the exchange agreement template found on the IP website. Follow the instructions on the website and work with OSU GO staff to renew agreements.
*Instruct students to complete the OSU GO online application for study abroad
*Communicate the student enrollment status (whether accepted, denied or withdrawn) with the OSU GO Enrollment Manager.
*Provide an updated student budget sheet (.xls) to the OSU GO Enrollment Manager.
*Keep complete student files including; payment agreement (if applicable) and important e-mail correspondence.
*Discuss with students who may need additional accommodations (e.g. allergies, medical needs, disability access, etc.) and provide them with appropriate resources.
*Conduct a program specific pre-departure orientation in collaboration with OSU GO.
*Notify any changes in enrollment status as soon as possible to the OSU GO Enrollment Manager.
*Notify OSU GO of any emergency situations that occur while abroad as soon as possible.
*Create and send students’ transcripts to Susan Howard in the Registrar’s office.

 OSU GO will...
*Process/monitor OSU online application for study abroad and run a Student Conduct check.
*Provide the access to appropriate online applications and the conduct check results to Program Coordinators.
*Provide the enrollment list and the program budget to the Financial Aid Office.
*Send e-mail instructions on registration with a CRN to all accepted students.
*Enroll eligible/applicable students in Travel and Accident Insurance.
*Inform Business Affairs Office regarding tuition and fees for each program.
*Respond to emergencies with the Student Care Team in the Dean of Student Life office.
*Maintain current exchange agreements in cooperation with the Office of the Vice Provost for International Programs.

Working with (incoming) Student Exchange Students

Program Coordinators will...
*Provide your partner institution with the information on how to apply to OSU as an exchange student. (Click here for the OSU exchange application)
*Receive and review completed OSU exchange applications from incoming exchange students.
*Forward incoming exchange students' applications to OSU Admissions with a cover letter.
*Stay in touch with Admissions as application files are being reviewed.
*Assist incoming exchange students with pre-arrival needs. (e.g. course selection, registration, housing, traveling to the U.S./Corvallis, and cultural preparation)
*Provide exchange students’ information to the OSU GO Enrollment Manager by completing the Tuition and Fee Waiver Form.
*Stay in touch with the exchange students throughout their time at OSU and inform them about available resources on campus.

ISAS (International Student Advising & Services) will...
*Process exchange students’ OSU applications once they are accepted by Admissions.
*Create the DS-2019 form, required to apply for a student visa, and mail it to incoming exchange students. Contact ISAS if you have any questions.
*Stay in touch with the incoming students until they arrive at OSU.
*Coordinate and conduct mandatory orientations for incoming exchange students.

OSU GO will...
*Update the OSU exchange application form and upload it to the ISFS website.
*Notify OSU Business Affairs office of appropriate tuition and/or fee waivers for incoming students.