Application Process

  1. Make sure your students complete the OSU online application for study abroad.
  2. Students submit any other required application materials directly to you. If an interview is required, you will conduct an interview once students complete all of the application materials.
  3. OSU GO will request a Student Conduct check as part of the application process. If an applicant has a record with Student Conduct, and you have concerns, we recommend that you discuss the incident with the student prior to accepting the student into your education abroad program.
  4. Conduct a site-specific orientation for all accepted students.
  5. Inform accepted students on visa process (if applicable), recommended immunizations, group travel (if applicable), and other important pre-departure procedures.
  6. Maintain contact with the departing students to put them at ease concerning their upcoming adventure and to clarify last-minute details. A letter to parents with a copy of the handbook can also be comforting.
  7. When your students return to OSU, you will need to process their grades from overseas using the OSU transcript form. Contact OSU GO for fillable PDF transcript template.

Publicity & Promotion

  1. Publicize the following year's program widely. You will probably need to continue promoting your program until the application deadline.
  2. Maintain your department's website and keep an updated program information (e.g. dates, cost, courses offered) for prospective students.
  3. Host an information session with past participants from previous year.
  4. Attend an Education Abroad Fair organized by OSU GO.
  5. If you create brochures and posters, send them to the OSU GO office, and they will be distributed to prospective students.
  6. Join OSU GO Facebook page; submit an entry to the OSU GO blog.
  7. If your program page needs to be added or edited in the OSU GO website, contact OSU GO International Ambassador.
  8. To create/reproduce promotional materials (e.g. brochures, posters), consult with OSU GO International Ambassador.