The Office of Undergraduate Education is committed to advancing and supporting rigorous, transformative education that is accessible to all learners.

We do this by supporting high quality undergraduate programs onsite, online, and in hybrid format; assisting in the design of diverse, well-supported, and affordable pathways to an OSU degree; creating opportunities for student research and experiential learning; and supporting delivery of instruction using leading edge pedagogies and technologies. All of these activities are critical underpinnings of student success.

High Quality Educational Programs

Program and curriculum planning, development, delivery, and assessment are key to providing high quality education for all of our students. The Office of Undergraduate Education supports strategic planning of programs and curricular offerings, provides support for course delivery, and facilitates consistent and systematic assessment. This full-cycle, continual process ensures the high quality of our academic programs and the high value of the credentials we offer our graduates.

Transformational Educational Experiences

Strategic use of learning innovation is at the core of providing ALL students with transformational academic experiences. We support faculty in the integration of technology, high impact practices, experiential learning, and innovative pedagogical approaches to advance teaching and learning across the institution.

Access for All Learners

Through cross-campus partnerships and collaboration, we support and advance OSU’s student success goals to improve and equalize graduation rates, and we support faculty in their pursuit of teaching excellence and learning innovation.

Undergraduate Education News

OSU's response to the COVID-19 situation

Oregon State University is actively engaged in monitoring the COVID-19 situation and is collaborating closely with local and state public health experts to provide prevention, response, travel information and resources to the OSU community. Visit OSU's COVID-19 information page for updates and OSU resources.

URSA Students' Research Published

The Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Arts is proud to announce that students Theresa Mai and Sydney Pruitt, have published "Predicting Learning: Comparing Study Techniques, Perseverance, Metacognitve Skill" by SAGE publishing, the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Teaching of Psychology. The article was published November 11th, 2020 and can be found here.

Office of URSA virtual symposium highlighted in SPUR

The Office of URSA's vignette has been published in CUR’s scholarly journal, Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research (fall 2020 issue). The piece, "Developing a Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium in Response to COVID-19 Disruptions: Building a Canvas-Based Shared Platform and Pondering Lessons Learned" was written in collaboration by Sophie Pierszalowski, Daniel López-Cevallos, Bethany Ulman, and Greg Heinonen. More information about the published vignette can be found here.

Webinar: Trends in Oregon Latinx Students:

The Office of Undergraduate Education hosted a webinar entitled, “Trends in Oregon Latinx students,”on October 14th, 2020. In this talk, Manuel Vazquez, Senior Researcher at Education Northwest, summarized trends in Latinx enrollment at Oregon K-12 public schools, postsecondary enrollment of Latinx high school graduates (including enrollment trends at OSU), and described the characteristics of Latinx high school graduates who have enrolled at OSU in the past three years. The discussion was led by Daniel López-Cevallos, Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Enrichment Programs. Learn more about the report and presentation here.

STEM Leaders Program recognized as a Program to Watch

The STEM Leaders Program has been recognized by Excelencia in Education as a Program to Watch for 2020. Since 2018, Excelencia  staff has identified innovative and/or up-and-coming programs that are making a positive impact on the success of their Latino students as Programs to Watch. Learn more about the STEM Leaders Program.

OSU student in the news as a first-time voter

August 18, 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment being ratified, granting women the right to vote in the United States. Denisse Alvarado, OSU sophomore, was featured among five young women who will be voting for the first time in the 2020 election.


Stats department counts the ways instructor saves the day

With years of experience in online education, Katie Jager knew she was well positioned for Oregon State’s transition to remote instruction in the face of COVID-19. But she also knew that around 95% of the 20-person statistics faculty was somewhat less ready. So she jumped in to help. Visit Beaver Nation's Unsung Heroes to read about OSU employees and students who are going above and beyond to assist with the pandemic response.

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