OSU Roadblock Courses (PDF)

Using historical institutional data and predictive analytics from EAB’s Student Success Collaborative, we have summarized a list of 28 high enrollment courses that are predictive of attrition. This summary table lists if the course is part of the Bacc Core, as well as the DFW rate and predictive score as of the 2014-2015 academic year.

Top 20 Courses (PDF)

Using EAB’s Student Success Collaborative, we have summarized and ranked the 20 courses that are historical predictors of graduation. Students who attempt but do not earn at least the predictive grade for the courses have significantly higher risks of attrition than their peers who successfully complete the course.

10-Year Undergraduate Demographic Shift (PDF)

Using data from OSU’s Office of Institutional Research, this table summarizes the number and percent change in various demographic categories over a 10 year span of time.  

Division of Undergraduate Studies 2015-2016 Annual Report (PDF)

This is the first annual report for the Division of Undergraduate Studies and reflects the collective work of the division, contributions from individual units, and many of the ways that we are building momentum and propelling the Blueprint for Undergraduate Student Success forward.  Summaries from each unit as well as updates in each area of the Blueprint are provided.