Undergraduate Research

URSA (Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and the Arts) facilitates undergraduate engagement in scholarly and creative independent projects mentored by faculty in all disciplines at Oregon State University.

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Benefits of conducting undergraduate research

Undergraduate research helps students build confidence, develop problem-solving skills, and establish mentoring relationships with faculty members. It augments an undergraduate student’s program at OSU and makes students more competitive, nationally and internationally.

First steps to conducting research

First, students need to identify a project of interest.  To do this, they should consult their advisor or search OSU websites. Most professors have a short description of their work online.  Then, they need to contact professors and express their interest in the professor’s research.  This involves reading up on the professor’s research.

Course Credit for undergraduate research

Students can sign up for the 401 course in their major with their mentor’s approval. Students can also get a notation on their transcript when they complete their project.