Inform C-10

One of the primary vehicles for sharing information amongst the Academic Advising community is the Inform-C10 listserv. Administered by Gigi Bruce within the Office of the Provost If you are not currently on this list, follow this link to subscribe with your name and email: Inform-c10. Something to note about this list: If the person who wants to subscribe is not listed specifically as an advisor in Banner, they will not successfully be able to subscribe on their own...a “manual” add will need to be requested. Jeff Malone is willing to help facilitate this request.


New Advisor Retreats

The Coordinator of Cross Campus Advising Initiatives & Development organizes and leads the New Advisor Retreat sessions. New academic advisors and academic counselors from the Faculty and Professional Faculty ranks are given opportunities to connect with other new advisors and learn more about advisor duties, advisor resposibilities, advising tools and resources, and the advising culture at Oregon State University.  The New Advisor Retreats are run as a trio sessions (most often in fall and spring terms -with winter term sessions offered as needed*). Each session provides unique content, so it is anticipated that attendees will attend the complete series, not merely a single session.

For infomation on upcoming sessions and/or to indicate interest in attending, please contact Jeff Malone.


Advisor Coffee Talks

The OSU Advisor Coffee Talks (ACT) are an informal gathering of advisors, both professional and faculty, that foster support, networking and professional development opportunities. Volunteer coordinators work to facilitate productive conversations between advisors and other student service units on campus by helping identify topics of interest, scheduling and planning events, collecting and archiving presentation materials, and collaborating with the Division of Undergraduate Studies to meet the advising goals of the university.
OSU Academic Advisors/Academic Counselors: Information on the 2016-2017 Advisor Coffee Talk schedule and related materials can be found in the Canvas for Advisor site.
Groups interested in discussing possible coffee talk presentations should contact one of the ACT Coordinators (listed below).
2017-2018 coordinators:

Autumn Granger (Forestry)

Kassena Hillman (Honors College)

Raina Martinez (MAAPS)

Shannon McDonell-Bryant (FY ENGR)

Shalece Rains (SSS/TRiO)
2016-2017 coordinators were:
Jennifer Leach (UESP)
Janice Nave-Abele (ENGR)
Shalece Rains (SSS/TRiO)
Kassena Hillman (Honors College)