OSU Academic Advising – A selection of Campus Partners

Academics for Student Athletes
Kate Halischak, Director
Main services
•    Facilitated Study
•    Tutoring
•    Academic Counseling Services
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•    Full-time academic counselors are in charge of the academic supervision of assigned sports, providing direction and resources in a supportive, structured environment.
•    Our counselors work with students on transition issues, stress management, time management, academic focus and problem resolution in a proactive manner.
•    The staff provides academic support, registration assistance, eligibility information, supplemental instruction, and arranges for tutoring, mentoring and referrals to other support services on campus.
•    ASA Counselors are particularly aware of issues of transition, adjustment and retention for students of color, international students and women.
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Contact the counselor for the specific team

College Assistance Migrant Program
Amas Aduviri
Main services:
•    Outreach and recruitment
•    Academic and student support to first year migrant seasonal farm worker students.
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•    CAMP assists with Academic counseling, tutoring, and financial support
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Email: Amas Aduviri
Phone:  541-737-2389

Counseling & Psychological Services
Ian Kellems, Director
Main services:
•    Counseling: We provide  individual, group, and couples counseling to enrolled students who have paid fees
•    Consultation: Our mental health providers will consult with any faculty or staff member regarding concerns about the mental health of students, advisees, and others.  We will help you think through how to address your concerns and help students access our services and/or others across campus.
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•    CAPS is a 24/7 service.  We have in-person on-call services available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily, and phone counseling available after-hours and on weekends and holidays.
•    If you are concerned about a student's mental health, please call us and we will work with you to come up with an effective plan to help the student.
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Phone:  541-737-2131 to speak with our on-call counselor, available 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Degree Partnership Program
Rick DeBellis, Associate Director for Enrollment Management, Degree Partnership Programs
Main services
Assist students and advisors with the Degree Partnership Program from the application process through graduation.  While I do not have any direct control over the individual forces that impact the program, I make good referrals to those who do depending upon the situation.
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•    Visit website
•    Deadline for the program enforced because of the number of offices that are involved in the program it takes time for the information to process through all the systems to get a student set up at the partner school.
•    It can take up to a month after the end of the term for a student’s work to show up on their academic transcript.  If it has been longer than a month, please call and I can investigate what may have happened.  It could be that the transcript was not sent because the student has a hold on their account at the community college.
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Email:  Rick DeBellis
Phone:  541-737-2790  
In person:  at the Registrar’s Office in Kerr Administration 102 (call first)

Disability Access Services
Martha Smith, Director
Main services:
•    Academic Accommodations to students with disabilities
•    Collaboration and consulting to all staff and faculty regarding access issues for students with disabilities
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•    Please be aware that all offices serve students with disabilities not just DAS
•    If a student mentions something about disability, or ADA, or IEP or 504 Plan it is a good idea to refer the student to DAS
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Phone:  541-737-4098

Diversity & Cultural Engagement
Allison Davis-White Eyes, Assistant Vice Provost & Director
Main services:
•   DCE Associate Director of Academic Success & Engagement –
•   DCE Associate Director of Integrated Learning for Social Change – Charlene Martinez
•   DCE Associate Director of Global Diversity Initiatives – Amarah Khan
•   DCE Associate Director of Research and Communication – Dr. Erich Pitcher
•   DCE Associate Director & DCE Chief of Staff – Jason Dorsette
o    Asian and Pacific Cultural Center
o    Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center
o    Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez
o    Native American Longhouse
o    Women’s Center
o    Pride Center
o    SOL:  LGBTQ Multicultural Support Network
o   Ettihad Center
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Email:  Allison Davis-White Eyes
Phone:  541-737-4383

Ecampus Success Counseling
Ecampus Success Team: Theresa Harper, Tom Casey, Bethany Ulman
Main services:
•    Success counseling is an academic counseling service for Ecampus students.
•    Success Counselors work in partnership with students to improve academic skills, to identify support resources, and to address obstacles to academic success at OSU.
•    Success counseling is individualized, strengths-based, and holistic.
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•    Success counseling allows students to reflect actively on their current circumstances and to evaluate strategies that support and/or undermine their academic success.
•    A success counseling phone or Skype appointment lasts 45 minutes.
•    During the appointment, the Success Counselor will engage in a discussion of strengths, challenges, and academic goals.
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Phone:  541-737-9204; 800-667-1465
Students may request a Success Counseling Appointment online using their ONID account to log in to a secure request site

Educational Opportunities Program
Janet Nishihara, Director
Main services:
•    Academic Counseling
•    Smaller sections of math courses (102, 103, 111, 112)
•    Developmental reading/writing & WR 121
•    Access to small computer lab
•    Referral to high impact practices
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•    We are focusing on supporting students who are new to OSU, and all new EOP students must commit to meeting with an assigned Academic Counselor at least 5 times during their first term in the program.
•    EOP courses are smaller in enrollment and may utilize different pedagogy but count as the same credit (e.g., MTH 111, 112) and look the same on the transcript.  EOP developmental courses count as elective credit.
•    We work with students from the time they enter the program (preferably early in their academic career) through graduation.
•    If a student wishes to find out about registering for an EOP class, they should come to our office – they do not need to apply for the program.
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Email: Janet Nishihara (or any EOP Academic Counselor) & send student to Waldo 337. 
Refer to our website, where there is a link to an online application. 

Office of International Services (formerly International Student Advising & Services)
Grace Atebe, Director
Main services:
•   Collaborates with campus partners to support the success and retention of all international students in degree, exchange and INTO OSU English Language and academic preparation (Pathway) programs
•   Provides advising and support services to OSU’s 4,000 international students and their families (dependents) from more than 100 countries regarding visa and immigration status, employment, travel, cultural adjustment, enrollment challenges, crisis situations, and more.
•   Acts as the primary contact for the University for international sponsored students and their sponsoring agencies (home governments, international corporations and other education services).
•   Manages select merit and financial need-based scholarships for international students, including the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP), which is one of OSU’s flagship scholarships.
•  Oversees the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) reporting, institutional and student compliance in all of OSU’s campuses and locations during students’ academic programs as well as student visa-based post-graduation employment authorization.
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•   Immigration regulations require:

  1. All international students to be full time enrolled during regular terms, with very limited exceptions which need to be approved by an international student advisor in OIS.
  2. All international students to work no more than 20 hours per week during regular terms and 40 hours per week during annual vacation terms and official breaks between terms.
  3. All international students to be registered for a limited number of online classes per term
  4. All off campus employment including internships need to be processed through OIS.

•   Sponsoring agencies (home governments, international corporations, education services etc) may have additional requirements for their sponsors.
•   Contact OIS if you have any question:

  1. From a sponsoring agency (i.e., SACM, IIE, etc.) or have a question about a sponsored student.
  2. If you have any questions on less than full time enrollment, online registration, and withdrawals.
  3. If you know of an international student who may be experiencing cultural adjustment, medical problems, or may otherwise be at risk

Best way(s) to make referrals:
International student advisors are available to meet with students by appointment or walk in (appointment and walk in meetings).  Contact us at 541-272-6310 or email us at isas.advisor@oregonstate.edu

Military & Veteran Resources
Willie Elfering, Mil-Vets Resources Advisor
Main services:
•    VA Benefits Consultation
•    Help navigating the OSU system
•    Connecting Veterans to resources
•    Connecting VA resources to students and staff
•    Departmental trainings and culture awareness
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•    Work with Veterans Certifying Officials in the Registrar's Office
•    We have a Veterans Lounge in the Memorial Union
•    We have two Veterans Newsletters. 
o    Staff
o    Students
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Email: William Elfering

Student Support Services, TRiO
Amas Aduviri, Interim Director
Main services:
•    Academic Support & Guidance
•    Student Success Seminars
•    Career and Professional Development
•    Assistance with Financial Aid and Scholarship Process
•    Peer Mentorship
•    Service Initiatives & Leadership
•    Advocacy and Support
•    Social and Cultural Events
•    Tutorial Services
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•    TRiO Student Support Services (TRiO-SSS) is a federally funded program providing opportunity for academic development, assisting students with basic college requirements, and motivating students to successful completion of a baccalaureate degree
•    Selective program for First-generation college students and/or Low-Income (see U.S. Department of Education guidelines) including those with Physical or learning disabilities
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Phone:  541-737-3907
Email:  Amas Aduviri

Transfer Student Services
Kayleen Salchenberg Steeves, Transfer Student Services Manager
Main services:
•    Support for transfer, early college program, and Degree Partner Program students (and their  advisors) with all things related to the transition to OSU.
•    Transfer Admissions help
•    Assistance with Financial Aid and Scholarship Process
•    Connections to transfer articulation tools
•    Connetions to resources
•    Larger goal: Create a transfer receptive OSU community (relational work, website revamp, development of outreach materials and workshops)
Main points you want NEW advisors to know about your office/work/services:
•    Let any/all transfer students know I am a resource for them. I work to know the individual student and help them understand the admissions process and requirements as it relates to their situation. I will help them connect with resources and services early on so they can have a smooth transition. I here to serve as their transfer advocate.
•    I am actively trying to gather information on systematic problems or barriers for transfer/early college/DPP students, please let me know if you enounter anything while working with students.
•    Pre-transfer advising is very important. Having information such as, how credits transfer, program requirements, etc. greatly lessens the anxiety around transfering. Off-campus dynamics (family pressures, work pressures, relocation, housing, financial burdens) and struggles establishing a connection to campus are often amplified for transfer students. My office works with students to raise awareness of opportunities and resources to help minimize the impacts.
Best way(s) to make referrals:
Phone:  541-737-2562
Email:  Kayleen Salchenberg Steeves