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Name & Position Phone(s) Email
Aduviri, Amas
Director-Federal Programs

Office: 541-737-3923
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Aljets, Alexandria
University Innovation Alliance Fellow

Office: 541-737-4770
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Bankston, Aiyana

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Bennett, Dennis
Director-Writing Center

Office: 541-737-2932
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Brainard, Warren
Air Force ROTC

Office: 541-737-6283
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Creighton, Clare
Director-Academic Success Center

Office: 541-737-7971
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Crouch, Daniel
Mgr-Web Services

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Ekholm, Janet
Executive Assistant to Vice Provost and Dean

Office: 541-737-5105
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Greenwood, Juliet
Associate Dean of Undergrad Studies

Office: 541-737-1190
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Halischak, Kate
Director, Academics for Student Athletes

Office: 541-737-9338
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Hayes, Chrysanthemum
Lead Strategic Analyst

Office: 541-737-5605
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Kear, Krystal
Info Technology Consultant

Office: 541-737-2117
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Kincanon, Kerry
Director-Expl Advis & Advis In

Office: 541-737-8144
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Leibel, Katherine

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Malone, Jeffrey
Cross Campus Advising Coordinator

Office: 541-737-0857
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Mayers, Leslee
Director of NSPFO

Office: 541-737-9811
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Miller, Zachary

Office: 541-737-6903
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Nelson, Jesse
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Office: 541-737-2070
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Nisbett, Jr, Donald
Commander, Navy ROTC

Office: 541-737-5606
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Nishihara, Janet
Director-Educational Opportunities Program

Office: 541-737-3928
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Pierszalowski, Sophie

Office: 541-737-4523
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Rao, Sujaya
Director of Undergraduate Research

Office: 541-737-9038
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Rivera-Mills, Susana
Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Office: 541-737-5105
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Scherer, Noni
Administrative Assistant

Office: 541-737-0083
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