Infographic: counseling vs. advisingCouncil on Academic Counseling


The mission of the CAC is to develop and provide an effective communication network among academic counselors and other units on campus by establishing a forum for collaboration, problem solving, and continuous improvement for the ultimate support of student success. 


The CAC will be a community of support that utilizes and enhances the varied skills and experiences of faculty who provide academic counseling to underrepresented students as an aspect of their role at Oregon State University. In turn, CAC will optimize the support students receive for their growth and development as lifelong learners and productive global citizens of the 21st century.


The purpose of the CAC is to:

  • Advocate for improvements in systems (e.g., Progress Reports, Early Warning Systems).

  • Bridge advisor and counselor work with the focus on the holistic well-being of the student.

  • Formulate best practices for all professionals working with underrepresented students.

  • Have a role in campus-wide planning and initiatives regarding student welfare.

  • Coordinate academic success resources to enhance success of students in school and life.

  • Develop standards and policies (e.g., how to educate students on managing communication with faculty).

  • Connect with local, regional, and national organizations.

  • Provide leadership and expertise for campus initiatives in support of retention of underrepresented students and elimination of the achievement gap.

  • Provide programming to enhance professional development opportunities for CAC members and the larger campus community.


*Updated Fall 2016*