The OSU Blueprint for Undergraduate Student Success (PDF) is a University-wide plan to raise and equalize undergraduate outcomes over the next five years. The Blueprint was prepared by Vice Provost and Dean Dr. Susana Rivera-Mills to align with the strategies and goals of the OSU Strategic Plan 3.0, Goal #1, and provides the institution with a detailed and action-oriented plan to guide the coordinated efforts that will move us toward the goal of an equalized, inclusive, and transformative undergraduate experience.


Division of Undergraduate Studies Annual Report & Blueprint Momentum

In the 2015-2016 academic year, the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) focused on and furthered several areas of the Blueprint. The year was marked by the division’s proactive approach to building collaborative partnerships, securing grants, and building our internal infrastructure and capacity. Through the dedicated work of the administrative team, the many academic and student support units within the division, and partners inside and outside of the institution, we have taken important steps toward our shared goal. We invite you to take a closer look at the highlights and achievements in the Division of Undergraduate Studies 2015-2016 Annual Report (PDF). The report reflects the collective work of the division, contributions from individual units, and many of the ways that we are building momentum and propelling the Blueprint for Undergraduate Student Success forward.