OSU is participating in a multi-institutional study administered by PSU that involves surveying faculty and students at Oregon higher education institutions about their attitudes and experiences with academic advising.  The purpose of the research is to better understand the nature of students’ dissatisfaction with advising, and ultimately tie advising to outcomes such as retention and degree completion, by exploring, in a number of different institutional settings, the perspectives of both the recipients of advising—students, and those who provide the bulk of advising to them—faculty.
Primary research questions include:
  • What level of importance do students and faculty respectively attritbute to each of the 12 academic advising functions? 
  • Do student attitudes about and experiences with advising impact persistence toward degree attainment and other related outcomes (e.g. institutional commitment)? 
  • Are student and/or faculty attitudes about or experiences with advising moderated by institutional context and/or diverse student and faculty characteristics?