Oregon State University recognizes that quality academic advising is integral to the academic development and well-being of students. Quality academic advising includes both the prescriptive elements of advising (assisting with course selection, maintaining curriculum checklists, tracking degree progress and completing degree audits, etc.) and the developmental aspects of advising (major and career decision making, integration in campus and academic cultures, assistance with and referrals surrounding issues affecting a student's academic success, etc.).

While each college has developed an advising system sensitive to the needs of its academic disciplines and departments, there is consistency in that each also has a head advisor. Undeclared students receive advising through the University Exploratory Studies Program (UESP).

Advising Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals


Oregon State University aspires to be recognized nationally for excellence in academic advising among land grant institutions.


Oregon State University academic advising is a teaching and learning process dedicated to student success. Academic advising engages students in developing a plan to realize their educational, career and life goals.


The values associated with OSU advising are closely aligned with the stated values of the university.

Accountability: We are committed to providing timely, accurate, and intentional advising.

Diversity: We honor the unique nature and interests of each student. Advising services and delivery methods will be shaped to fit the diverse needs of our campus populations.

Respect: We seek to establish a reciprocal relationship with students based on an ethic of care and shared responsibility.

Social Responsibility: We foster a culture of independent thinking and global awareness so that students make informed, socially responsible choices consistent with their academic, career and life goals.

Integrity: We seek to engage students in a fair and professional process of meaningful self-reflection and authentic inquiry.


OSU academic advising reflects the institutional goal of excellence in teaching and learning that is focused on student success. We will…

  1. Continually assist students in understanding the nature, purpose and potential of higher education.
  2. Ensure that students have access to knowledgeable and informed advisors who demonstrate care and respect.
  3. Mentor students as they explore and clarify their values and educational and life goals.
  4. Provide accurate information about educational opportunities, requirements, policies and procedures.
  5. Collaborate with students on the development and implementation of academic plans and educational experiences congruent with their interests and abilities.
  6. Communicate regularly with students to monitor and evaluate their educational progress.
  7. Teach students to utilize university resources to maximize their unique educational and personal potential.
  8. Improve university-wide academic advising via an ongoing assessment program.